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CORE Trainings

Child Welfare Worker Core Training (Core) is offered by the Bay Area Academy to new child welfare workers and experienced workers who have not received formal training in the subject areas covered by the Core courses. Core provides training in skills required for workers to become competent in the subject areas identified by the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC).

Core consists of 22 days of in person training and 24 online eLearnings selected from the state recommended Standardized Core Training Curriculum. Additional information about California Child Welfare Competencies can be found here: http://calswec.berkeley.edu/curricula-competencies  The Standardized Common Core 3.0 Curriculum can be found here https://calswec.berkeley.edu/programs-and-services/child-welfare-service-training-program/common-core-30.

During the training year (July-June), the Bay Area Academy offers 12 cycles of Common Core 3.0 level 100 and 12 cycles of Common Core level 200 around the Region. Workers unable to complete the classes in one sequence can arrange to complete the classes required by their county in another sequence.

For more information about the Bay Area Academy Core please contact Emily Katz.

CORE At a Glance Flyers currently offered around the region.

Core 100 Level cycles:

Core 200 Level cycles:

  • Flyer Core N-204: Invited Counties – Monterey, San Benito & Santa Cruz
  • Flyer Core N-205: Invited Counties – San Mateo, San Francisco, Napa, Marin, & Sonoma