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Child Welfare Worker Core Training (Core) is offered by the Bay Area Academy to new child welfare workers and experienced workers who have not received formal training in the subject areas covered by the Core courses. Core provides training in skills required for workers to become competent in the subject areas identified by the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC). Core is also made available to staff who work in the public child welfare setting, such as Public Health Nurses, when authorized by the county where they work.

Common Core 3.0 (“CC3.0”) – the most recent version of Core being released in February 2017 – parses out content into 100 and 200 levels (100 level is information brand new Child Welfare Workers need to know for their daily work; 200 level is a deeper exploration and integration of respective content areas). CC3.0 material is presented in three different formats as part of an integrated learning experience:
– eLearnings (22 eLearning modules at the 100 level, 2 eLearning modules at the 200 level),
– In Class Days (15.5 days at the 100 level, 7 days at the 200 level), and
– Field Activities (9 Field Activities, all at the 100 level).
Additional information about California Child Welfare Competencies and the Standardized Core Curriculum can be found at:

Workers unable to complete a class in the sequence can arrange to make up the class in another Core cycle.

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For more information about the Bay Area Academy Core please contact Emily Katz.