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Core 3.0

Bay Area Academy will be implementing Common Core 3.0 in full, beginning February 2017.  A few things about Common Core 3.0 that are helpful to know:

  • Common Core 3.0 is designed to cover content across 6 thematic Blocks, in sequential order, to support learning knowledge and skills that build upon one another: 1 -Foundation Block, 2 – Engagement Block, 3 – Assessment Block, 4 – Case Planning & Service Delivery Block, 5 – Monitoring & Adapting Block, and 6 – Transition Block.
  • Common Core 3.0 consists of 2 levels of courses: the 100 level and the 200 level.  The 100 level integrates the use of eLearning, in class training, and field activities to cover basic knowledge and skills that brand new workers need to know for daily child welfare work.  The 200 level is meant to build upon the 100 level, and integrates eLearning and more in-depth class coverage of necessary knowledge and skills.  New child welfare workers must complete both 100 level and 200 level courses in order for their Core requirements to be considered “complete”.
  • Common Core 3.0 must be delivered in a standardized manner throughout California.  Trainers must deliver the content as instructions provide in the Trainer Guides, across all courses.
  • Provide feedback on CC3.0 training/materials, CalSWEC is hosting a feedback form to support the systematic evaluation and revision of Common Core on an ongoing basis: Please complete the Common Core 3.0 Quarterly Updates form
  • Information can be found below and at http://calswec.berkeley.edu/common-core-30-information-and-overview

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